Chuxaway SC Automatic Chicken Door Opener Kit with Timer

It is necessarily important for those like me who have the poultry farm beside the house to know the automatic chicken door opener. Well, sometimes, we know that chicken needs to have nature time as well as let them out craving for natural food. For instance, when it is morning, it is the time for the chicken to peck the land craving for worm. But then, problem comes when the owner is not discipline in term of time. Of course, the owner also needs to take care of other daily activities and business. Therefore, the automatic chicken door opener kit with timer by Chuxaway SC will help you.

Chuxaway SC Automatic Chicken Door Opener KitChuxaway SC Specification

Well, if you are the one who run the poultry farm or perhaps take care a chicken, you have to be sure look at the specification of Chuxaway SC automatic chicken door opener kit. The AA batteries as many as 3 batteries are necessary for the main power. The battery should be installed on the unit of timer control as well. This unit is battery-save but then really according to the frequent of close-open, the door’s weight, wind, and of course the battery’s quality. So, it is really recommended that you installed the light door for the kitchen’s crib. The unit can at least lift a door which weight approximately 1.5 lbs.

Chuxaway SC Automatic Chicken Door Opener Kit with TimerThis security equipment for kitchen is divide into two main parts, namely the Motor Control Unit (MCU) and the Timer Unit (TU). Then, two simple wires use to connect both parts as one. As it is integrated with the timer equipment, you can set whether to open or close the chicken crib’s door. The MCU has the size where you have to prepare around 98cm2. It has 14cm wide and 7cm high. So, you have to install the main motor unit above the door as the sensor will integrate with the door. Therefore, the sensor can manage the door when already fully opened. At least, you can measure up to 9cm from the top edge of door to install the motor unit. You can control the motor unit using the remote control as well.

Other Important Things

Well, you always have to know that the motor unit is not water-proof as well. Therefore, you have to prepare for its rooftop as well. So, the motor unit will be safe under-cover. Also, make sure to install this safety equipment by using the professional assistance. The mistake during measurement will be impact on the unusable door function. It is really required that you use the light aluminum for the chicken crib’s door. At least, it will keep the durability as long as it is. Imagine that by only installing this security equipment, you can have your chicken playing outside in a strict and discipline schedule as well. Also, you do not have to worry for accidental to your kitchen. Only by spending around 69.95 pounds of money, you can obtain such product.

Remember that if you are going to install it by yourself, you need to make sure that there are 6 screws inside the box. 4 screws will be used to attach the MCU where the 2 rest are used for the Timer Unit. Also, you shall remind the professional assistance to use the origin products rather than the fake one. Our opinion goes on the frequent of controlling. You can figure everything about open and close less than 1 minute. Therefore, you have to adjust it every 4 weeks once. Just playing with the time so that your chicken will not feel bored with the standard operation. So, how if to have the Chuxaway SC Automatic Chicken Door Opener using timer?


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